Regenerative neighborhood accelerator
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To regenerate society & our planet through community.

Regenerative Neighborhoods provide sustainable solutions for all the important things

  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Food
  • Energy
  • Nature
  • Human experience 

The more we create and grow, the more positive impact we make for all.


  • Living in alignemnt with nature
  • Having all the water, food, energy, waste management you need through circular systems.
  • forming nurturing relationships & collaborating with your neighbors. 
  • Safety to be yourself, express yourself, heal yourself, & Grow
  • Fun, Learning, exploring, 


We help regenerative neighborhoods connect & succeed.


The Regen Tribe ecosystem is a Regenerative Neighborhood accelerator -

We offer a global network, education programs, and support agency.

global network

Connecting & growing the global movement

Education programs

Collecting, synthesizing & sharing resources

Support agency

End to end support from a collective of verified service providers

A social-networking platform  the global regenerative neighborhood movement connects 

Follow Indepth information about Regenerative Neighborhooods around the world and stay tuned to their updates and posts.

Share about your self, your skills, your magic, and your dream community, Find others. 

Open re.source library and topic forums in each topic group

Community sourced events from regenerative groups so we can all stay aligned 

Check out listings for work & services needed at community land projects

Community Catalyzer

A community of learners and do-ers; discussing topics, sharing and organizing education resources and co.creating a guide that accelerates the creation of regenerative neighborhoods. 

A crowdsourced regenerative neighborhood co.creation guide Compiling best practices & the referencing sources and documents.

Stay tuned for weekly calls, workshops, and multi.day immersions where we explore everything about neighborhood & community creation. 

Explore the resources and tools the community has been suggesting and reviewing on the tribes platform

  • Join the rest of the community & share learnings on the tribes platform 
  • Physical locations as pop.ups
  • Regen Tribe agent – vocational program 

end to end consulting


End to end strategic consulting for community co.creation serviced by a collective of verfied service providers. 

Everything it takes to get your structures up – strategy, team building, managemnt, 

Humans are everything for a community – the right tools and practices create the sense of community. 

Tech, marketing, and business development

Project activation through story telling & immersive experiences.  marketing

Realestate sales marketing to the regen tribe community network help bring the right community memebers to your neighborhood. 

We are a growing collective of

Humans Change Makers  Techies Moms Network builders Aliens Collaborators Dads Entrepreneurs Solar Punks Artists Digital Nomads Scientists Innovators Proffesionals Disruptors

the Regenerative Neighborhood movement

We are a collective seeking your magic,
If you are a magician in any of these topics or want to learn and explore
click here to ask some questions

share your projects & skills
Lets collab & build more Regenerative Neighborhoods

Explore some of our active proejcts

connecting local people & projects

đź“Ťgeographicly close communities and land projects
🤝 Resource and support network

Helping sell & build neighborhoods

- Land project detailed bios
- User Profiles - Your dream community details
- Topic Groups
- Regenerative events calendar
Realestate & Land Development

giving back

Activism is what makes us truly regenerative.
- environmental projects
- animal support
- human collaboration



Global relationships between regional regenerative neighborhoods

Resource and tool cobuying, sharing, distribution, and collaboration

Mutual aid networks in geographic areas

  • Research and data metrics that measure the collective regenerative impact
    • Land Stewarded
    • Water conserved
    • Food % grow 
    • Renewable Energy created
    • Carbon footprint

Realestate & Land Development

Regenerative neighborhood land sales & project development

Sell lots in a regenerative neighborhood

Opportunities to buy/steward lan

Design and styles

We can help you make the plan and help walk you through execution. 



Giving back to humans, the environment, and animals

Supporting education centers & animal care

Fundraising and resource allocation

The New Activist plastic waste solution network

Land conservation and regenerative solutions

Let's regenerate how we live on earth

Trend analysis

Regenerative neighborhoods use less resources than the typical American by

70 - 90%

By 2025 Co-Living Industry will rise from

$6.7 BILLION to

By 2030 the Global Green Construction Market is expected to reach

$ 0

Regen tribe is growing especially for and with

vision holders

people with a vision to build community land developments

community members

community members who are seeking to, or currently living in community

Service providers

regenerative organizations and service providers that are helping create regenerative neighborhoods 

land owners, stewards and investors

resource owners with land & or funds  they want to use to create a regenerative neighborhood 

Collective inductees

Join the collective and activate to grow the Regenerative Neighborhood  Movement! 

2023 timeline details

The Regenerative Neighborhood movement is growing, and we are setting BIG goals this year to support and catalyze the process. 

  • The New Activist 10,000 tons of plastic collected / repurposed
  • Ekumal – Regenerative Community Activation
  • Digital Community Discord – 450+ members
  • Regen Tribe Incubator Phase and co.live house
  • Tribes Platform launch
  • Community Co.Creation Guide
  • Catalyzer Calls
  • Tribalize Summit
  • Regenerative global events calendar 
  • Permaculture partnership Mexico
  • Co.Created Roots Regen Neighborhood Project launch
  • Regen HQ Mexico partnership – plan and design 
  • Community creation event – Europe 
  • Co.Live experience at MOOS in Berlin
  • Portugal Biozone Launch
  • Funding for Regen Tribe Mexico HQ
  • Uganda Ecovillage Week
  • Regen Tribe Mexico HQ
  • 2nd Community Catalyzer
  • 100 verified regen land projects on Tribes
  • 10 projects funded and matched with residents

3 partner projects
25 projects activated
220 projects logged
3 k projects identified

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