Regenerative Neighborhood Co.Creation

and human experience Co.Curation.

  • Connect with people & projects –
    • Find & share – resources, support & experiences
  • Find guidance, strategy, and services from the catalyzer collective
  • Let’s plan, build, grow & connect  more regenerative neighborhoods around the world.
  • Find the right people to grow your community.

Vision : 53,000,000 of them!    

8 Billion (# of people on earth) / 150 (dunbars #)

Regenerative Neighborhood : “Sustainable + Intentional community land development ,

making a net postive impact on the environmnet and its residents. 

What we are doing :


Growing and connecting a network of community land projects & the humans it takes

Land owners / Stewards
Vision holders and teams
Community memebrs & investors
Skill Service Providers
Join the Regenerative Neighborhood movement platfom. (Web app Dec 2022)


Crowd sourcing a co.creating communities best practices guide

Intentional communities are all about the human element.
We connect a network of magical humans and strategies to grow the right community.


Co.Curating the community experience

Intentional communities are all about the human element.
We connect a network of magical humans and strategies to grow the right community.

Co.creating neighborhoods

As a thought partner, co.planner, co.designer, co.operator, co.creator, or turn key service, we empower the growth of your Regenerative Neighborhood.


To regenerate how we live on earth.


By Empowering regenerative neighborhood co.creation and community co.curation.

MORE regenerative neighborhoods come to life, 

& empower the regenerative movement. 


The Regen Tribe platform
connects the humans 

planning, building,
operating, & living
in communities to
create synergy by 
sharing resources, experiences, 
and support.  

The catalyzer collective offers guidance and services.

Our sectors :

  • Digital Platform (currently on discord, instagram, web. Web App tests Dec 2022.)
  • Catalyzer collective of skills & services to support idea development and product design projects.
  • Community curation – Finding, selecting, organizing and strategies for the human community.
    (The crucial piece of a true Regenerative Neighborhood for residents.)
  • Land development team – Collective of magicians to build infrastructure  (more on this soon)
  • Activism – Action to support the environment. (What makes us regenerative for the planet)

“Let’s build the New Earth together.”

Let’s connect to discuss your vision, idea, plan, project and see how the Regenerative Neighborhood Movement network and catalyzer can support.
Connect to others grounding ideas of community to land – find & share – projects, resources, & support – to plan, build & grow your regenerative community!

Things You Can Find :

Join the Regen Tribe discord and connect with the growing commmunity of community creators described below.

Enter our open and crowd sourced database of useful documents and links that have supported other communit members in their journey.

Everything from hardware to software that you can use to accomplish goals and tasks for your community. 

Find projects other community members are actively working on and get invovled to help create more communites!

Things You Can Do : ​

Connect with others in the commmunity space and explore topics. 

Share your project with the community and find the support you need.

Search by countries and biozone.

Search the resource drive and have conversation with other community co.creators

Connect to others grounding ideas of community to land – 

find & share – projects, resources, & support – 

to plan, build & grow your regenerative community!



Connect with one of the community creation roles below, 

Click what you need!

Community Pioneer

Planning, Building, Growing A Regenerative Community?
Want to share your project with the tribe?

Community Member

Do You Live in, or want to live In a Regenerative Community?
Looking for communties to explore?

Skill service provider

Do you provide sustainable services needed in regenerative communities?
Looking for community projects to get involved with?

Learn More

Excited to learn more about the regenerative community movement?

Our team of Regenerators

We are a community,
we live community,
we Co.create communities.

our team

We are a team of professionals and environmental activists from around the world with unique skills, connected through the intention of serving the planet.

We are here to unite, to inspire, to learn, to educate, to cooperate and to be - the change. We are making it easy for others to do the same through knowledge sharing and network building.

Communities we've cocreated with


First The New Activist Campaing

A community of plastic waste solutions. Join Team Plastic positive.


Regenertaive community showcase VP

Our first physical regenerative commmjntiy in the jungles of mxico. 

Synergy : 1 + 1 = 11

Let's build the new earth,
One regenerative Neighborhood at a time.

Join the growing movement regeneratiing our planet through self sustaining spaces that make a net positive impact. 

Growing the movement to co.create 

Regenerative Neighborhoods around the world. 

8,000,000,000           (humanas on Earth)
                       150              (Ideal # for human collaboration)

Enough sustainble + intentional living space for every human on earth.

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